T5W – Top Five Books That Should Be Made Into Movies


When it comes to books turning into movies, I find it a rarity for an adaptation to be 100% accurate to its source material and sometimes a story really should have been left on the page where it belonged. However, when it’s done right, a novel adaptation can be a brilliant expansion on an already beloved universe.

You can look at the success of the Harry Potter franchise to see a novel adaptation done right – and this is coming from someone who thought the films were alright. I liked the books better, yes, but there is no denying the impact the series has had as a whole and that is down to great casting and directing choices, brilliant effects that grew as technology developed, and a devoted fanbase. Not to mention, already-adored source material.

So I thought I would scour my shelves and pick out the five books (series) that I feel would make interesting movie adaptations.

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Review: A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E. Schwab


4.5 out of 5 stars.


Written by Victoria Schwab, ‘A Darker Shade of Magic‘ is the story of Kell and Lila, two very different yet similar people from two very different Londons. There are four worlds and Kell is one of only two people, known as Antari, who can travel between them. In each world, no matter the name of the country, there is always one constant – there is always a city called London. Kell is from Red London, where magic is in perfect balance with power and Kell lives in the palace as an adopted member of the royal family. After making a mistake in the vicious White London, Kell finds himself in Grey London where he meets Lila Bard – a cut-throat and thief trying to find adventure.

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Needless to say, for me at the very least, 2015 wasn’t a particularly good year. At the very beginning, I was determined to write every single day – whether it be a blog post or a chapter/section of a story I’ve been dying to work on for the longest time. But then life got in the way and life wasn’t kind. Other people were going through worse than me, of course, but that didn’t negate how low certain events were making me feel. I kept it all to myself though.

I had so many plans that I wanted to do, so many places I wanted to go, books I wanted to read, films I wanted to see – just a lot of living, really, but it didn’t really work out that way. This year, I’m working harder to make sure that even when things go wrong I have something to fall back on – a little glimpse of happiness whenever I need it.

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