T5W – Top 5 Authors Series I Own But Haven’t Read Yet


Every avid reader has come across that problem where they have too many books and keep adding more to the pile. Even more so is the continual purchasing of series and never touching the books. Then there are the authorโ€™s you know or have heard of, those people whose names have somehow made it into your brain and you know theyโ€™ve written books that people adore so you buy the books with those names onโ€ฆ but then never pick them up.

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T5W – Top 5 Pre-Ordered Books I’m Excited About for the Rest of the Year


For me, my Amazon account history can track back like an actual library. The majority of the books I own have come from Amazon โ€“ some of them are impulse buys, some are specific searches. Then there is the function that has caught me off guard way too many times: pre-ordering.

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