Top 5 | Top 5 Authors Series I Own But Haven’t Read Yet


Every avid reader has come across that problem where they have too many books and keep adding more to the pile. Even more so is the continual purchasing of series and never touching the books. Then there are the author’s you know or have heard of, those people whose names have somehow made it into your brain and you know they’ve written books that people adore so you buy the books with those names on… but then never pick them up.

I am deep into one of those problems right now so I thought I’d write about the top five author’s on my shelf whose books I’ve not actually read yet. Now there are a fair few so I’ve decided to keep it narrowed down to author’s whose series I’ve not touched yet. It could be a trilogy or multi-book series of more than six, or even just a duology; it doesn’t really matter. As long as these authors have a multi-part series that I’ve not read, they’re eligible for the list.

1] Anthony Horowitz

So this one is a fairly simple one. Anthony Horowitz has been an author whose name I’ve heard floating around for a very long time. I’ve heard of some of his books but never felt compelled to pick any of them up. That was until I discovered he’d been writing Sherlock Holmes novels – and this was at a point where my obsession with the fictional detective was reaching new heights.

Whilst wandering around a store, I saw his novel Moriarty on display with a big BBC Radio Two Book Club sticker plastered over it. It was an instant buy. But then I discovered it was the sequel to a book he had written maybe a year or so earlier called House of Silk and had to buy that before I could even think about starting that book. However, in the time since purchasing both novels I have yet to pick them up.

2] Robin Stevens

I love a good murder mystery. I always have. I love puzzles and clues, anything to do with mystery has always been an interest of mine. But I’ve never really found a series that has appealed to me. I know about all the classics but never read them because the older style of writing always intimidated me. So when I saw A Murder Most Unladylike on a shelf at ASDA I was overjoyed. I looked it up on my phone and found it was the first book in a series, it was highly rated and it included things I’d been looking for in a novel for a while (at least in its description).

But I never started reading it. Now I’ve also bought the following three novels because I knew the series and loved the covers. I don’t feel to guilty about it because it’s not been too long a time, but there are four books just waiting to be read by this author and their brightly coloured covers don’t make them easy to ignore.

3] Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie is an author whom I own three books of but know nothing about. I don’t know where he’s from, what he’s like or anything else. I regularly check out BookTubers and I don’t think I’ve found one person who has actually talked about these books. The Shattered Seas series wasn’t one that I looked for or even ever thought about buying until I spotted it on a shelf one day. I thought the cover looked beautiful and when I read the synopsis I knew it would be something that could possibly hold my interest. Plus it had been praised by George R.R. Martin for its fantasy elements – and I personally hold his opinions on fantasy in high regard.

I don’t know if there are any more books coming or anything else about Joe Abercrombie. I’ve not looked to see if he has Twitter, and (truthfully speaking) I only just looked at his GoodReads page whilst writing this to make sure he is actually male.

All I do know is I have three chunky fantasy novels I’ve not read which are slowly merging with my Game of Thrones pile.

4] Cassandra Clare

I feel like this one could be a controversial one because her books seem so revered amongst BookTubers and bloggers. I’ve always known the name ‘Cassandra Clare’, right the way back to when I was still in secondary school. I’d see her books on library shelves, someone I was friends with back then was reading them at the time and loved them, and even now I see people online who had read the books back when they were first released rereading them and loving them.

Then, of course, the film came out for City of Bones, and now the Netflix series is there with prompts for me to start watching and yet I still haven’t read any of the books. When the film came out, I bought the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. But then I heard it would be better to start with the Infernal Devices trilogy before even considering starting City of Bones so went out and found Clockwork Angel. Now I also own Clockwork Princess, City of Ashes and even Lady Midnight and STILL haven’t picked any of it up…

I want to love these series but I’m intimidated by the scale of the world that’s been created and by just how much so many people seem to adore it. I don’t want it to be a waste of my time.

5] Terry Pratchett

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always known of Terry Pratchett. I’d heard about the Discworld series and knew a girl who would read it almost religiously. His books were everywhere and despite always thinking they would be amazing to read, the sheer amount overwhelmed me.

Then I found The Long Earth series. I love the cover, I loved everything about the synopsis, and I felt that it could be a nice introduction into what Terry Pratchett’s writing was like. Sadly, he passed away before the final books in the series were published – and a year on since that day, the final book is waiting for publication having been completed by his writing partner for the series, Stephen Baxter.

I have all of them except that final soon-to-be-published book. Someday I’ll read them; I don’t know which day, but someday.




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