TW5 – Five Series I Really Need To Finish


I’ve become notoriously bad at not finishing books series, even if I really love them, all for the simple reason of not wanting to let the series go… It’s a little childish, I know, but when you become attached to certain characters and their adventures you just don’t want to leave them behind.

Knowing a story is nearly at an end gives me mixed emotions. Oftentimes, I can sit back and feel satisfied that it’s over or really excited that the ending is just around the corner if the book hasn’t been realised yet. Other times, I’ll leave books sat on my shelf and never touch them just in case… The ending could be the best thing ever or really disappoint me (*cough*Hunger Games: Mockingjay*cough*).

This year, however, I’ve set myself my heftiest reading goal yet; and in order to complete the sixty book challenge, I’m going to need to finish off a couple of series I’ve been putting off for way too long.

1] The Demonata by Darren Shan.

I’ve talked about this series plenty of times before, and I’m pretty sure it’s the one series that I’ve held onto the longest on this list. The Demonata follows the misadventures of Grubbs Grady, your run-of-the-mill teenager whose life is pretty average, minus his family’s obsession with chess. However, one day he comes home to find his entire family butchered into tiny pieces by the demon Lord Loss and realises that the world is a lot bigger than he first thought.

It’s a ten book series that I’ve had building up since 2009 and so far I’ve only read three of the books…

2] Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy.

A wise-cracking skeleton detective with magic powers, a cool car, and a gun teams up with an equally as sassy teenage girl with an aptitude for magic and the supernatural to fight crime and stop the world from getting destroyed. Multiple times.

It’s funny and creepy, it’s dark and mysterious. It’s got the mixture of everything I love and I’ve only read four of 10-ish books available!

3] The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Really, I should have a lot of Rick  Riordan’s books on here. I need to start Magnus Chase, I need to start the Trials of Apollo… But this one is the one I’ve gone with because I’ve been eyeing it up for ages.

I’m trying to read these in some kind of order… I’ve done the Percy Jackson series, recently finished the Kane Chronicles… This has to go next!

4] The Infernal Devices/The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I’ll bend the rules a little for this one, just because of how goddamned confused I was trying to figure out where to start these damned books. Two series they may be, but they are still in the same universe with a similar string of characters.

I read Clockwork Angel last year so this year I need to delve deeper if I’m ever going to get round to Lady Midnight

5] Young Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lane.

Sherlock Holmes aged 14 learning how to become the great detective we all know and love.

That’s all I really need to say on that one.

So, hopefully, I’ll get around to reading at least some books in these series this year. I have sixty books I need to get through – it as to happen!


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