30 Day Book Challenge – Day Six

Day six of the challenge took a bit of thought because there are a lot of books that I have read that I would like more people to read – however there are also a lot more books that I’ve read that everyone else seems to have read as well.

I never really know what to think about these kinds of requests in challenges because I don’t typically know what constitutes as a book not many people have read.

The book that I have gone for is simply because I have never heard anyone else talk about it. I’ve never seen it mentioned on YouTube by any BookTubers, I barely see any reviews of it anywhere unless I really go looking for them… And yet it’s classed as a best-seller, the author wrote another best-selling series (that I’d never heard of, but…)

That book is:

Lockwood & Co.: The Screaming Staircase
by Jonathan Stroud

“Lockwood & Co.” follows Lucy Carlisle as she moves to London in the hopes of joining a great ghost hunting agency. A great problem occurred sometime before the beginning of the series, creating a plague of ghostly activity that only children are able to see. So they were set to work in ridding the UK of any and all ghosts they come across. Because it turned into such an ordeal, agencies were soon set up to monitor the work of the children and make sure they were properly cared for in dire situations.

After failing to gain entry into some of the biggest agencies in the country, Lucy stumbles upon Lockwood & Company, a two-man team running an independent agency from home. They welcome Lucy to the team and soon find themselves with a case bigger than any of them have ever seen before.

I really enjoy this series but I hardly ever see anyone talk about it. I came about it by chance; I happened to glance at the cover in Asda one day and thought it looked cool. A boy with a rapier, a tagline about haunting and a recommendation from one of my favourite authors? Sign me up! I’ll admit I found parts of the first book a little slow, but when the pace was done right it was amazing.

It’s be nice to see this series get a little more love.


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