30 Day Book Challenge – Day Ten

I feel like the point of day ten’s challenge may be to provoke the mob, get a bunch of die-hard fans to sharpen their pitchforks in defence of their favourite book. I don’t really like that stance because everyone should be open to their own opinions, but this planet isn’t that simple. There have always been people who will get overly defensive over things they care about and not listen to any critiques about it, and there always will be.

That being said, today’s challenge is one that I found very easy because I actually wrote a full review on the book I’m going to talk about. My feelings have already been summarised so I’m just going to take some pointers from there because even after so many months my feelings on this particular book have not changed, no matter how many times people rave about how good it is.

I’m talking about:

by Rainbow Rowell

“Fangirl” follows the freshman year of college for twin sisters Cath and Wren, mainly focusing on Cath’s point of view. Cath is a socially awkward ‘fangirl’ and for many years she has been a devoted writer of ‘Simon Snow’ fanfiction. Then she meets Levi and her little secret world suddenly draws in a real-world audience.

No matter where I looked, the reception for this book was overly positive. There are so many people who adore this book that I was a little afraid to pick it up. My fears came to fruition because it turned out that it really wasn’t as good as people were claiming it to be.

My biggest annoyance was the ‘Simon Snow’ stuff. Not only did I get through the book quicker by skipping those segments, they just didn’t make any sense. They didn’t relate to anything Cath was going through. They were just there. They had no rhyme or reason. THEY WERE POINTLESS. Plus, at one point Rainbow Rowell actually makes reference to ‘Harry Potter’ which ‘Simon Snow’ is a parody of. I said it in my review and I’ll say it again now: WHEN YOU HAVE SO HEAVILY PARODIED A WORK OF FICTION TO THE EXTENT THIS NOVEL HAS GONE TO, YOU DO NOT REFERENCE THE PARODIED WORK. If you are going to fictionalise something and pretend the fictionalised version is the best thing in the world, that it is a phenomenon that has captured people’s hearts and minds just as ‘Harry Potter’ did, you cannot then say that the parody exists in the same universe at the same time. It just doesn’t work.

I could go on, but to save time just go here:

I gave this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.

I hated it.


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