30 Day Book Challenge – Day Eleven

If there are two things I am good at when it comes to talking about books, it’s gushing about books that I adore and ranting about books I hate. So, today’s challenge is going to be one that I am going to have a lot to say about.

The theme of today’s challenge is talking about a book that has made you happy. There are plenty of books that I have read that have made me happy in some way or another – but I decided to dig a little deeper for this one and talk about a book that I’ve not really spoken too much about to anyone else before. I’m pretty sure I have written something about it before but not to the extent that I’m going to right now.

The book I’m going to talk about today is:

by Jacqueline Wilson

The novel follows narrating character Sylvie and her long-term friendship with her neighbour, Carl. The pair has been inseparable friends since they were very young, going so far as to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. For a long time, Sylvie believed that she and Carl would end up married to one another. The pair creates a fantasy world together about a glass castle, based on all of the glass figurines Carl has collected and keeps inside his hut at the end of his garden. But now they’re both teenagers and things are changing – they go to different schools, Carl has a new male friend that is taking all his attention and Sylvie is left trying to figure out what is going on between them whilst dealing with her own new friendships as well.

“Kiss”, to me, is a very important book. I can’t really say all that much without giving away a great deal of the plot but the main reason it makes me so happy is Jacqueline Wilson’s incredible way of writing truly realistic young people. I related to a lot of Sylvie’s quieter nature and her sudden friendship with a person much louder and outgoing than she is. Plus, the whole situation with Carl towards the end of the book is dealt with in such a mature manner you can actually feel the respect Jacqueline Wilson has for her readers – she knows we’re not stupid, she knows that some of the readers will be feeling in a similar way to her characters.

In all her books, she has a way of writing about human beings, and that particularly shone through in this book.

All of the subject matter, the development and handling of the characters, the respect, all of that makes me happy and I will always be a fan of her books.


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