30 Day Book Challenge – Day Twelve

Continuing on from yesterday’s challenge, the point of day twelve is to talk about the complete opposite – a book that makes you sad. For this one, I had a few in mind, but I decided to narrow it down based more on my afterthoughts than anything else.

This is going to be an odd choice, in some ways, because the book I’m going to talk about is very highly rated by not only other people but myself as well. I’ve referenced it in some of my other posts already and I do still love it to this day.

I’m talking about:

The Fault in our Stars
by John Green

I’ll give a brief summary of the book like always, but really: who doesn’t know about this book by now? The hype around it and the movie has basically been unending – there is always someone willing to praise it in some form or another…

The story is told from the point of view of teenager, Hazel, who has terminal cancer. The story picks up on the day her mother forces her to go to a support group for kids with cancer where she meets Gus, a boy who has lost his leg to cancer.

“TFIOS” is a really good book. I love it, but that does not mean that it didn’t make me feel exceptionally sad about a great number of things.

The obvious ones are the teenagers dealing with cancer, losing limbs and senses because of it, and their families and friends having to deal with it all too – or being unable to cope and running away. The impact that cancer has is shown in so many ways throughout the book that it humanises it in a way that I’d never read about before. And I don’t mean that it personified cancer or anything like that – what I mean is, it made it hit home that this is a thing that could happen to anyone, at any time, at any age. It frightened me, but it was a wake-up call I needed.

The book makes you care about each and every one of the characters (except for Van Houten, that guy was just a cock), it makes you feel as though you’ve made friends, that you’re experiencing everything with them and that just makes the pain of certain scenes almost too real.

It’s a highly emotional book and I recommend reading it if you haven’t. Just ignore the hype and let your own experience with it shine through – that’s what I did, cos it was another book I was too scared to read because it was so beloved by so many people. This one, however, was well worth the hype.


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