30 Day Book Challenge – Day Sixteen

Day sixteen is going to be a slightly odd one because we have to talk about a favourite book romance – and if I’m being entirely honest, in recent years I have come to tire of book romances…

It’s not that I hate them, not at all. When a good romance comes along, a great pairing that I really feel as though I can get behind, then I’m all for it. But when a romantic situation is shoehorned into a novel for the sake of it, then I get pissed off.

I think it’s because I’ve reached an age now where I’m very aware of the things I’m reading. I’m aware of the things that are going on in the world, whereas my teenaged-self was slightly aware but more inclined to indulge in a room old fashioned romance for some kind of wish-fulfillment fantasy. Back then, surrounded by the people I knew, a good book romance was a nice substitute for the real thing – because that wasn’t going to be happening anytime soon, thanks to the actions of certain individuals throughout my formative years.

That’s why it was pretty difficult to pick, and even now it’s not really a romance. Just a bit of tension between the characters and wishful thinking on my part.

So, I’ll be briefly mentioning:

Anthony Lockwood & Lucy Carlyle
from the “Lockwood & Co.” series by Jonathan Stroud

As I said before, this was difficult, but I went for this pair because it’s a budding romance that I have been invested in since the very first novel a couple of years ago. Lockwood and Lucy have the kind of relationship with each other that is just sweet. Their personalities bounce off one another brilliantly, they care about each other, they defend each other and keep each other safe in stupidly dangerous situations, and have gone through some harrowing ordeals together and come through it all stronger.

The writing is always teasing at a relationship between them that is more than friends, and this is one that I would actually like to see come to fruition because it just feels right. Lockwood has had enough trauma in his life, and so has Lucy.

I just want them to be happy, damn it!


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