30 Day Book Challenge – Day Seventeen

We’re delving more into the favourite category with day seventeen of the challenge, and today is a topic that I’ve been looking forward to because it was pretty easy for me to narrow it down.

Today is the day of classics!

When it comes to classic novels, I have a whole little section of a unit in my room dedicated to a lot of classic books – though I’m sure some people would dispute what actually constitutes a classic. The only problem is, I’ve only read maybe a handful of them. I really want to get into them, but it’s another case of Book Anxiety for me because I don’t want to be disappointed. Some of these books have been around for centuries, countless numbers of people have read them and fallen in love with them and I don’t want to be the one person that absolutely hates them…

Narrowing the list down was easy then, and I decided to go for a book that really stood out to me when I read it last year. It’s a controversial book with a lot of meaning, and that is:

A Clockwork Orange
by Anthony Burgess

“A Clockwork Orange” is an interesting book not just because of its dystopian setting, but because of the development of the main character, Alex, throughout the novel. It’s a clever look into the mind of a young man who thinks he can get away with anything until he is betrayed and his government teaches him otherwise.

Alex is not a good person – he attacks people, he takes drugs to make it all more exciting, he rapes two underage girls, and eventually kills a woman. Yet by making it all from his point of view, you start to see that the people trying to “cure” him are also not good people. It brings up the debate of control, both mentally and physically, of a person; is it right to take away their free will, to turn them into a creature of meekness to keep others safe, even if it means that person will, in turn, be put at risk when people realise what state he’s in now?

It’s a difficult book to follow, mainly because of the original language Burgess created for Alex and the Droogs to speak, but once you sink your teeth into it, it’s definitely worth the time and effort.


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