30 Day Book Challenge – Day Eighteen

We have another topic that should be fairly easy for me to talk about today, because the challenge wants me to pick a novel from a genre that I don’t often read – therefore, I have a limited choice in what I can write about.

With that, I’ll talk about my favourite Science-Fiction novel:

by Marissa Meyer

I have a feeling that some people would argue that this is more of an urban fantasy book, and I can see where that point may come from.

“Winter” is the final book in the “Lunar Chronicles” series, each book of which is named after the main character driving the plot of that book – “Cinder”, “Scarlet”, “Cress” and “Winter” – who happen to be based on famous fairytale characters (Cinder being Cinderella”, Scarlet being Little Red Riding Hood, Cress being Rapunzel, and Winter being Snow White).

With “Winter” being the last book in the series, I can’t speak too much on it, but I definitely count it as my favourite in the series. It’s the point where each character has developed well (especially Cinder), there is a real sense of dread and each of the characters grows up in their own ways.

Despite all the romance and obvious tropes, “The Lunar Chronicles” is a series with a lot of brilliant female leads – and I am including the villain, Queen Levana, in that statement – as well as their handy male companions. I also like that the character Winter doesn’t follow the trend of Snow White characters following the description of the original perfectly. Yes, she has raven black hair, but she is now white as snow and that is fantastic. All of these characters may be based on fairytales, but they do not conform to them (Cress almost does but she was raised in captivity her entire life so I let her off the hook).

All praise this series gets is definitely well-deserved, and despite any flaws the series may have, it’s a fun and easy read and I am so glad I found it.


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