30 Day Book Challenge – Day Nineteen

I can honestly say that I don’t ever really think about the plots of books for too long after I’ve read them. I will, naturally, get that feeling of longing after a book has been completed (if it was a good book), wanting more of the world I had just left behind – but I don’t tend to think about the plots all too often.

That’s why is was such a hard topic to pick a subject for. I tried to think of a way to alter it slightly so that I could think of things, so my interpretation is now more along the lines of “what books do I think about most often”…

That would be:

The Percy Jackson series
by Rick Riordan

I’ve summarised it to the “Percy Jackson” series, but if I’m being entirely truthful with you all – I really mean all of the mythos books that Rick Riordan writes.

From a very young age, I have always been interested in mythology. My mother had a whole heap of books about Ancient Egypt (enter the “Kane Chronicles” later in my life), and I adored reading about all the gods and what they did, how they came to be and just everything about it.

Then as I went through junior school I was introduced to the Roman and Greek gods, and I found myself in a whole new treasure trove of stories. The Roman’s came first because of a particular history lesson; we got to learn about the planets being named after them, what each of the main nine stood for and so on. A while later, the Greek gods were introduced and I got to learn how they were counterparts with the Roman gods, and we even put on a play where we sang songs about the different myths like Icarus flying too close to the sun.

So, yeah, I’ve thought about the plots of the “Percy Jackson” universe a lot because the source material has been something I’ve been interested in since a child. Now “Magnus Chase” is around and peaking my interests in the Norse gods as well…

Well, let’s say I have a lot of reading to catch up.


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