30 Day Book Challenge – Day Twenty-One

For day twenty-one, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to write about. The theme says to pick a book that is poetic, but I wasn’t sure whether that literally meant a poetry book or just a book that I found poetic in some way shape or form.

As someone who doesn’t really read any poetry, I thought the best bet for me would be to look over all the books I’ve read recently and picked out the one that I felt was poetic. It was kind of hard narrowing down the list because in the last year alone there have been plenty of books that could fall into that category but I think I did an okay job in actually picking the one I want to talk about.

I’ll Give You The Sun
by Jandy Nelson

As with a few of the other books I’ve talked about, I won’t go into much detail about the why’s or what’s because I’ve already written a full review of my thoughts on this book.

It follows a pair of twins at ages thirteen and sixteen (one twin telling one side of the story at age thirteen, the other telling the next side of the story at age sixteen) in a narrative that switches perspectives so you don’t get to find out all the details of what happen then and what’s happening now until much later in the book.

I adored it when I first read it. It’s such a powerful story, and Jandy Nelson’s writing skills were brilliant. I read her first novel a little while later and definitely thought that she had made some improvements. The way her characters spoke, the style of her writing, it was nothing short of poetic and made it such an interesting experience.

I highly recommend picking this book up because it has such an interesting and mysterious element to it that is super intriguing. It’s well worth a read.


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