30 Day Book Challenge – Day Twenty-One

For day twenty-one, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to write about. The theme says to pick a book that is poetic, but I wasn’t sure whether that literally meant a poetry book or just a book that I found poetic in some way shape or form.

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30 Day Book Challenge – Day Fifteen

Even as a little kid, I really enjoyed reading. I don’t really remember what kinds of books I read back in Infant’s School but I know I read a lot. I have vague memories of lunchtimes spent in the library devouring one book after another, and of a teacher talking to my mother during parent’s day about my reading level being at least three years older than my actual age group. I remember sitting in the seat beside my mother, looking up at her as my teacher asked her if I’d read “War and Peace” yet simply because of how many books I’d gone through in the school’s library.

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30 Day Book Challenge – Day Thirteen

Day thirteen is taking us right back to a happy place now, making us look over all the books that we’ve read over the years so that we may pick out one that made us laugh.

As I’ve said a few times over the past few posts, there are plenty of books that I have read that have made me laugh. Some authors just have a natural sense of humour that shines through in their characters. It’s very difficult creating a character that is both charismatic and not overly-cocky. You can really tell when an author is trying way too hard to make a character likeable, or even just a scene.

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