My Top 10 Most Owned Authors


I decided to do something a little different while I give myself enough time to work through my backlog of reviews (because, believe me, I have fallen way behind and keep having to refer to notes I made on Goodreads to be able to get through all of them) and that is do a couple of Top 10 themed posts. Now, it may just be the one for now because it’s pretty late to be going through a Top 10 of 2014 but time and date have never really stopped me from doing things before!

So, the basic rules of this Top 10 are very, very simple: counting downwards from ten, I will name my most owned authors. I must own at least three of their books so expect to see a couple of ties at points because looking at my shelves at this moment I can’t really remember how many books I actually own…

But, let’s get started!

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