TW5 – Five Underrated Books or Series


Everyone has that one book that they love to bits but can never find another person who has also read it. I find it happens too often in my life – I will find a book that I think is absolutely amazing but no one else seems to have read it.

It’s a little sad when a good book goes unnoticed and a little unappreciated. Especially when it has a good premise, a good message, brilliant writing and so much more that makes it so special.

I thought I’d take a look through my bookshelf and find five books/book series that I’ve read but haven’t really heard anyone else talk about.

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TW5 – Five Series I Really Need To Finish


I’ve become notoriously bad at not finishing books series, even if I really love them, all for the simple reason of not wanting to let the series go… It’s a little childish, I know, but when you become attached to certain characters and their adventures you just don’t want to leave them behind.

Knowing a story is nearly at an end gives me mixed emotions. Oftentimes, I can sit back and feel satisfied that it’s over or really excited that the ending is just around the corner if the book hasn’t been realised yet. Other times, I’ll leave books sat on my shelf and never touch them just in case… The ending could be the best thing ever or really disappoint me (*cough*Hunger Games: Mockingjay*cough*).

This year, however, I’ve set myself my heftiest reading goal yet; and in order to complete the sixty book challenge, I’m going to need to finish off a couple of series I’ve been putting off for way too long.

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T5W – Top 5 Authors Series I Own But Haven’t Read Yet


Every avid reader has come across that problem where they have too many books and keep adding more to the pile. Even more so is the continual purchasing of series and never touching the books. Then there are the author’s you know or have heard of, those people whose names have somehow made it into your brain and you know they’ve written books that people adore so you buy the books with those names on… but then never pick them up.

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T5W – Top Five Books That Should Be Made Into Movies


When it comes to books turning into movies, I find it a rarity for an adaptation to be 100% accurate to its source material and sometimes a story really should have been left on the page where it belonged. However, when it’s done right, a novel adaptation can be a brilliant expansion on an already beloved universe.

You can look at the success of the Harry Potter franchise to see a novel adaptation done right – and this is coming from someone who thought the films were alright. I liked the books better, yes, but there is no denying the impact the series has had as a whole and that is down to great casting and directing choices, brilliant effects that grew as technology developed, and a devoted fanbase. Not to mention, already-adored source material.

So I thought I would scour my shelves and pick out the five books (series) that I feel would make interesting movie adaptations.

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T5W – Series I Wish Had More Books


Of all the book series I have ever read, there will always be those particular series that will I feel need more books – whether that be because I loved the universe the books were set in or because I was left wanting a bit more than what I was left with. However, my list is going to be a little different because I’m going to count stand alone novels that I wish had sequels or spin-offs.

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