30 Day Book Challenge – Day Thirteen

Day thirteen is taking us right back to a happy place now, making us look over all the books that we’ve read over the years so that we may pick out one that made us laugh.

As I’ve said a few times over the past few posts, there are plenty of books that I have read that have made me laugh. Some authors just have a natural sense of humour that shines through in their characters. It’s very difficult creating a character that is both charismatic and not overly-cocky. You can really tell when an author is trying way too hard to make a character likeable, or even just a scene.

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30 Day Book Challenge – Day Ten

I feel like the point of day ten’s challenge may be to provoke the mob, get a bunch of die-hard fans to sharpen their pitchforks in defence of their favourite book. I don’t really like that stance because everyone should be open to their own opinions, but this planet isn’t that simple. There have always been people who will get overly defensive over things they care about and not listen to any critiques about it, and there always will be.

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30 Day Book Challenge – Day Seven

Day seven should be fairly easy in the sense that I know what book I’m going to pick, but I don’t really know what to say about it. There isn’t really all that much to say.

The theme for this day is to pick out your favourite book title. The rules weren’t very specific – it doesn’t say whether it has to be a book that you’ve read or just a name that you’ve heard and liked the sound of.

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30 Day Book Challenge – Day Four

Day four of the thirty-day challenge is definitely my favourite so far because it’s giving me the opportunity to gush about my favourite book series of all time – albeit through a singular book in the series.

The theme this time is “The Book You’ve Reread Most Often”, and in recent years, simply because of the astounding amount of books I’ve come to own, I don’t regularly reread books. When I was a kid and depended on my mother or father to get me books, I didn’t really have all that many. I remember a time when I was fourteen and only got £2 a week for pocket money from my grandmother begging my Dad to give me the extra £2 I was missing to be able to get this book I wanted. So, because I was so limited, I would reread what books I did have before venturing out to the local libraries to get more.

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